With offices and hospitality projects located across Europe, from Amsterdam to Ibiza, we celebrate the diversity of our employees, international guests and local communities. We want our spaces to feel respectful and inclusive to people of all ethnicities, genders, religions, sexualities, abilities and ages.

We strive to fill our teams with as many unique perspectives as possible. Why? Because we become more creative, innovative and heartfelt.

“The name of Sircle Collection is built around the idea of inclusivity.”

— Liran Wizman, founder

Our Areas of Focus

  • Creating safe spaces for all of our employees and guests

  • Increasing internal awareness around the importance of diversity and inclusion

  • Ensuring that growth opportunities within the company are evenly distributed

  • Using our platforms and spaces to support diverse perspectives


Our Diversity Action Plan

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Our Goals

  • To create both internal and external change

    • Ensure that our environments, both our offices and hospitality spaces, are respectful and safe to everyone.
    • Establish a structure in which all team members feel safe to speak up if they do not feel comfortable.
    • Make space for unheard team members to share their perspective and feel heard with listening sessions and employee interviews.
    • Create more awareness around the importance of diversity within our company via regular educational speakers and unconscious bias trainings.
    • Reevaluate our hiring practices to ensure we are avoiding unconscious bias and reaching a more diverse pool of candidates.
    • Partner with and donate to diversity-driven organizations in our local communities.
    • Spotlight diverse artists, business owners and organizations in our public-facing communication channels.
    • Lend spaces in our hotels, restaurants and store to diversity-driven groups, organizations and events.

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