June 22, 2020

We celebrate the diversity of our employees, international guests and local communities, but recent global events have taught us that we can be doing so much more, both internally and externally, to create a more accepting, equal world.

Last week, our founder wrote a note to our community expressing our need as a company to do better. Since then, we’ve read, reflected and researched. In doing so, we started to identify the areas we need to focus on.

Our mission is to create a more respectful, inclusive company culture and use our resources to support organizations.

In order to reevaluate our existing processes, we've done the following:

  • Sent out an anonymous survey to the company to get an understanding of our employees' experiences
  • Researched educational resources
  • Created a Diversity & Inclusion page on our website to make our commitment to diversity permanent and public
  • Set up several meetings with all departments to discuss diversity at our company
  • Started to reevaluate our hiring and promotional practices
  • Identified local thought leaders, diversity-driven organizations, minority-owned businesses and artists who we'd like to support

Our ongoing efforts will include:

  • Collect data on the diversity of our teams to identify most pressing issues
  • Work with our leadership team to redefine internal protocols to prioritize diversity
  • Research minority-owned businesses in our communities and support them however we can
  • Identify and engage thought leaders in our communities
  • Find and utilize powerful educational resources
  • Set up a company roundtable on the topic of diversity
  • Set up regular workshops and trainings for our employees around the topics of unconscious bias and micro-aggressions
  • Establish a clear protocol for when employees feel uncomfortable
  • Make sure our hiring and promotional practices are as fair and open as possible
  • Spotlight more diverse perspectives on our communication channels
  • Lend our spaces in our hotels, restaurants and store to diversity-driven groups, organizations and events

We’ve listed out our long-term goals on our new Diversity & Inclusion page, and we will update that page as we grow with this process.

We are inspired that we have much work to do, but recognize the work will not end next week, month or year. This is a long-term commitment and aligned with what the hospitality industry is all about: bringing a diverse group of people together to create wonderful memories.


The Sircle Collection Team

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