We’re taking steps to pay it forward this year. First step: the new Sir Cares program.

Each Sir Hotel is a product of its environment and distinctly inspired by its surrounding community. To give back to these communities that have given us so much, each Sir Hotel now supports one local organization that is making great strides for the city via the new Sir Cares program. When guests check in, they will have the option to donate one euro for each night of their stay to the local organization. Here are the organizations we support: 

  • Sir Adam supports Amsterdam’s A’DAM Music School, where talented young musicians are given the resources to develop their creative skills.
  • Sir Albert supports the Plastic Whale Foundation, an organization that seeks to make the Netherlands’ waterways totally plastic-free.
  • Sir Savigny supports One Warm Winter, an organization in Berlin that provides essential goods to the homeless as well as refugees.
  • Sir Nikolai supports Zeit Für Zukunft, an organization in Hamburg that connects underserved children with inspiring mentors.
  • Sir Joan supports Ibiza Preservation Fund, an organization fighting for biodiversity preservation and sustainability in Ibiza. 
  • We will establish Sir Cares at Barcelona’s upcoming Sir Victor shortly.

We are looking forward to collaborating with these organizations on events in our spaces.