DECEMBER 14, 2020

From 10­­–13 December 2020, our Dutch design concept store in Amsterdam, X BANK, teamed up with our hotel in Amsterdam’s De Pijp district, Sir Albert, for a one-of-a-kind holiday market.

Twenty designers and artists on display in the store each got a hotel room on Sir Albert’s first floor to transform into their own personal pop-up. Over the four days, nearly 500 visitors flowed between the pop-ups to do all of their holiday shopping, from luxury vegan handbags to silk face masks made from vintage designer ties. To ensure everyone’s safety, we had a maximum capacity of 30 people, wore face masks and regulated a 1.5-meter social distance.

Designers included: Iris Maree, By B+K, Antidote, Loes Vrij, Rocks on a Rope, Marlous vd Toorn, Stoned Marble, Marie Stella Maris, Rebbit, Silhouet Lighting, Ignore, Bananatime, Shake it baby, Maja Krstic, Apron studio, Nissue bags, Youngblood, Designmix. Fleur Ouwerkerk, Vanderwilt, The New Parlour/Inner Care and WIJCK.

We're so proud of this creative collaboration between two of our brands. Scroll down to see some pictures from the activation.

20 Rooms optie 2 (c) Merette Uiterwaal-44.jpg
20 Rooms optie 2 (c) Merette Uiterwaal-114.jpg
20 Rooms optie 2 (c) Merette Uiterwaal-25.jpg
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20 Rooms optie 2 (c) Merette Uiterwaal-34.jpg