A mecca for music and culture lovers.


A grand home-base for your Vienna adventures.

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Set at the intersection of Amsterdam’s most iconic canals


Chef Eyal Shani's carefree and fun-loving Mediterranean restaurant concept in Vienna.


A cultural destination of its own.


Above Barcelona.


A rendezvous spot for the stylish.


A cozy escape in the heart of Berlin’s literary quarter.

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Explore a charming and laidback area close to Berlin's main sights.


Set minutes away from Amsterdam’s best museums.


Welcome to The Cover Barcelona - A private members' club for the culturally curious.


Welcome to The Cover Vienna — a private members’ club for the culturally curious.


Düsseldorf has something for everyone, and that’s what makes it so great.


Wild Mediterranean street food in Vienna’s first district.


Coming Soon


Welcome to The Cover — a private members’ club for the culturally curious


A charming hotel in the heart of Milan.


A private paradise overlooking Ibiza’s port and Old Town


Gracing the famous Royal Gardens, diverse Hofkwartier neighborhood and cobbled streets.


Discover Dutch Art, Fashion and Design.


Where purpose meets pleasure.


One-of-a-kind hotel experiences in some of the most interesting places in the world.

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At Max Brown we bring the joy of cosy travel to as many people as possible.


Classic and modern design details combine to make an elegant experience.


Welcome to The Cover — a private members’ club for the culturally curious.


Looking for the perfect island getaway with friends?


Sail in Style on the Sir Boat


A place to explore, play, and unwind on Shoreditch's edge.


Welcome to Sircle Collection. For an enjoyable stay, please look at our General Terms & Conditions (GT&C). We are a registered company (number 34369785) located at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 271, 1012 RL Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We operate a collection of hotels, member clubs, and restaurants. These GT&C apply to all our current and future hotels. If you have any questions, give us a shout. Thank you for staying with us.

Brands and Hotels

Sir Hotels

  • Sir Albert (location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Sir Adam (location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Sir Savigny (location: Berlin, Germany)
  • Sir Victor (location: Barcelona, Spain)
  • Sir Joan (location: Ibiza, Spain)

Max Brown Hotels

  • Max Brown Canal District (location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Max Brown Museum Square (location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Max Brown Midtown (location: Düsseldorf, Germany)
  • Max Brown Ku’Damm (location: Berlin, Germany)
  • Max Brown 7th District (location: Vienna, Austria)
  • Max Brown Missori (location: Milan, Italy)

Park Centraal Hotels

  • Park Centraal Amsterdam (location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Park Centraal Den Haag (location: The Hague, the Netherlands)

Jointly referred to below as the ‘Hotels’ and each individually as the ‘Hotel’.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions (GT&C) are designed to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. When you book a room with us, you enter into an agreement with the hotel. These GT&C are an integral part of that agreement, outlining your rights and obligations. These GT&C and the agreement constitute the full and complete expression of the agreement between you and the Hotel and replaces all previous pacts, undertakings, statements or agreements, either written or oral, which may have existed previously between both. By reserving a room through our hotel websites, you automatically agree to abide by the GT&C. They apply to all our services and are incorporated into the agreement without the need for written transcription. Please note that these GT&C also apply to reservations made through online travel agencies. However, keep in mind that the travel agency may have additional conditions for your booking. We hope you have a great stay with us.


To make the reservation process easy and convenient for everyone, we outlined the most important notes regarding our rates, conditions, and credit card requirements.

  • Rates and conditions are based on the information provided on the Hotel Websites.
  • The Hotel can refuse or add conditions to a reservation.
  • A credit card is required to make a reservation.
  • The Hotel may temporarily pre-authorize or charge a certain amount on your credit card before your arrival. The release or refund of the pre-authorization depends on your card issuer.
  • A valid credit card with sufficient funds is necessary; otherwise, the reservation may be automatically canceled.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email with the specific cancellation conditions after making a booking.
  • The guest staying at the Hotel must be the credit card holder and may be asked to present the card upon arrival for verification.
  • In case of overbooking, the Hotel will try to offer an equivalent room within Sircle Collection's Hotel Brands if possible.

Hotel services

During your stay and use of our hotel services, we kindly ask that you comply with applicable laws, behave respectfully, and follow our staff's instructions. Using our services for illegal purposes or causing harm to the hotel or others is strictly prohibited. Violations may result in a denial of further services without prior notice. If these rules are violated, you will be liable for all resultant expenses that the Hotel incurs and for all resultant damage that the Hotel suffers or may suffer, with no need for a prior notice of default. We reserve the right to make changes to our services without notification. Access to the hotel may be refused without a refund if you disturb other guests, are under the influence, damage hotel property, or pose a threat.

Cancellations and changes

Your booking confirmation will mention the deadline to cancel or change refundable reservations free of charge. After this deadline, charges may apply for changes or cancellations. Unfortunately, non-refundable reservations cannot be modified or canceled without charges.

If you have a refundable reservation, please note that canceling within 24 hours of your stay or not showing up will result in a one-night charge. Different cancellation conditions may apply to certain bookings, so be sure to check your confirmation for details. Generally, non-refundable reservations will be charged for the entire stay if canceled or not honored. The Hotel reserves the right to charge the cancellation amount to your credit card.

Always review your booking confirmation for specific cancellation conditions. If you booked through an online travel agency like or Expedia, please make any changes or cancellations through their platform, as they may have different terms and conditions.

Prices and payments

When you book a hotel room, the agreed price includes VAT and any surcharges, unless stated otherwise. However, local taxes, meals, drinks, and other items are not included in the price unless specified. Tourist tax, if applicable, will be mentioned in your booking confirmation.

If there are changes in tax rates between booking and your stay, the price at the time of service will apply, even if it increases from the initial booking price. We accept debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diner, JCB), and we require a security deposit at check-in, refundable upon check-out if there are no damages to the room. If you have any further questions, our staff is here to help.

Check-in (online) and check-out

We want to make your stay as hassle-free as possible, so here are some important details to keep in mind:

  • Check-in and check-out times can be found on our website and in your booking confirmation.
  • If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the reception.
  • If you need to leave early, please check our cancellation policy for any potential fees.

Check-in online is available at selected hotels. Check-in online is free of charge. Online check-in can only be applied where available. We reserve the right to limit the availability of online check-in. Should you need further assistance, please contact our customer service. If you wish to check in online, you will need to make full payment online prior to arrival. If any additions have been made to a booking (e.g. breakfast), they must be paid in full during the check-in online process. If the booking has been pre-paid, any extras must be paid for with the same credit/debit card used to pre-pay the booking. If you add further services to an already existing reservation, or if you change your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email.

Bookings made on behalf of a guest can be checked in by either the original booker or the named lead guest, providing payment has been made in full. If the booking has not been pre-paid, the guests will need to pay for their stay during the online check-in process. Details of the lead guest for each room in the booking must be entered during check-in together with their nationality and passport details (if required). Once checked in, you will receive a confirmation email for you and any other guests included in the reservation. After checking in, you can collect the room key at the hotel reception. Where there are multiple rooms on one booking, all rooms on the booking will automatically be included when checking in online. You cannot check in some rooms only. Bookings that have been checked in online cannot be amended online. Bookings made on behalf of a guest, who will not have the booking card present upon arrival, can be amended during the online check-in process, provided that the correct security information (username and password) is entered when prompted and full payment is made. With regard to the personal data provided during the online check-in process, we act in full compliance with the laws in force regarding the protection of personal data. Our Privacy Notice is available on the website.

Room occupancy

As you plan your stay with us, here is some special information about your room accommodations. We offer the option of extra beds or sofa beds in select hotel rooms for an additional fee. Complimentary cots are available for children aged 0 to 2. However, please note that the availability of cots is subject to availability, and in some cases, space limitations may prevent us from placing a cot in smaller rooms.


Traveling as a minor? Great news for 16-17-year-olds. You can book a room at our any of our hotels without an adult if you have a signed consent form from your legal guardians. Contact the Hotel for the form. If you're younger than 1 6 or don't meet the conditions, you’ll need an authorized adult for your stay.

For our hotels in London the below policy apply:

You must be at least 18, and have a valid form of identification, namely a passport, driver’s license or EU I.D. Card, to check in. Persons under 18 need to be accompanied by a guardian or another adult with written authorization by your guardian(s) in order to stay.

Pet policy

Pets are happily welcomed at our Max Brown Hotels. You'll find the pet request form and details about charges on our user-friendly Hotel Website ( Make sure to complete this form prior to your arrival. While we can't accommodate pets at our other hotels, we do welcome all guide dogs for the blind. You can reach out directly to your hotel to setup its stay.

Smoking and drugs policy

We want to ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests. Therefore, please note that all our hotels are smoke-free zones. Smoking is not permitted in the hotel rooms or any other areas, in compliance with the law. Violating this policy may result in a fine charged to your credit card.

To maintain a safe and comfortable environment, we strictly prohibit the use, possession, and sale of drugs in our hotels. Violators will be subject to a fine.

Damage or loss of personal property

Every hotel room has a safe in which you can keep your personal belongings. Sircle Collection and the Hotels are not liable for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings, even if they were kept in the safe.

If you forget any of your personal belongings at the Hotel, contact the relevant Hotel as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to collect any belongings or property left behind at the Hotel.

Liability and damage

Sircle Collection and the Hotels cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from any actions of guests or guests’ use of the hotel services, expressly including damage resulting from fire, theft or other unlawful acts. Sircle Collection and the Hotels are also not liable for damage to guests’ personal property or for damage caused by third parties.

With this, Sircle Collection does not intend to exclude or limit liability insofar as not permitted by the applicable law. Insofar as excluding liability is not permitted, the liability of Sircle Collection and the Hotels is always capped at the amount covered by the liability or other insurance or, if the insurance does not provide cover, at the amount paid by the guest for their hotel reservation.

Sircle Collection and the Hotels do not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of the hotel services made available to the user, thus excluding any liability for damages which may arise owning to a lack of availability, reliability or continuity of its services.

If one guest causes damage to the hotel room or another area of the hotel during the stay at the Hotel, the person who made the reservation will be liable for the resultant damage. If the hotel room or one of the other areas of the Hotel is left damaged or heavily soiled, or if it transpires that items have disappeared or been taken from the Hotel, the Hotel reserves the right to debit the associated costs from the credit card of the person who made the reservation.

In the unlikely event of damage in or to the hotel room, report this to the relevant Hotel’s reception as soon as possible.

Force majeure

If the Hotel cannot provide certain hotel services or fulfil all or part of the agreement with the guest because of force majeure, Sircle Collection and the Hotels are not liable for the resultant damage. Sircle Collection and the Hotel are also not obliged to pay any form of compensation in that case. Force majeure exists when circumstances occur that are beyond the control of Sircle Collection and/or the Hotels, and for which they are neither at fault nor accountable. Force majeure situations include a pandemic, war or a threat of war, strikes, factory or office sit-ins, social unrest, riots, illness among personnel, terrorism, fire, natural or other disasters, gas, electricity or water cuts, and government measures that make it impossible to provide hotel services. If a force majeure situation occurs, the Hotel may suspend its obligations under the agreement with the guest or cancel the booking.


Sircle Collection collects certain personal data when you are making your reservation and during your stay at the Hotels. These personal data are processed in accordance with Sircle Collection’s Privacy Notice. We refer to our Privacy Notice for more information on the processing of your personal data and on your rights in this regard. Click [here] to consult Sircle Collection’s Privacy Notice.

Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

All hotel reservations are excluded from the right of withdrawal (the cooling-off period). Insofar as necessary, you hereby explicitly waive the right of withdrawal.

Maintaining the GT&C

No provision of these GT&C will in any way derogate from the mandatory provisions relating to consumers. If a provision of these GT&C is declared void or invalid, the rest of the GT&C will remain valid, and the void or invalid provision will be replaced and brought into line with the original intentions of that provision as far as possible.

Amending the GT&C

Sircle Collection reserves the right to amend these GT&C with no prior notice. As any changes to the GT&C will be posted on the Hotel Websites, check the most recent version of the GT&C on the relevant Hotel Website before your stay.


These GT&C have been translated into several languages. If the interpretation of the English version and the translation differs, the English version has preference.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

Unless mandatory national or international law dictates otherwise, Dutch law applies to these GT&C and to the agreement between the Hotel and the guest.

Unless mandatory national or international law dictates otherwise, any disputes relating to or arising from these GT&C and/or the agreement between the Hotel and the guest, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Amsterdam.

Latest update: 30 April 2024