Listen up: our new podcast is here to cap off our 10th anniversary celebrations! Introducing "Connecting Rooms". We're learning how to level up together in this time in history.

Nov. 30, 2021

What's "Connecting Rooms" all about?

Travel and hospitality were some of the hardest-hit industries by the pandemic. Despite the ups and downs, it feels like we're in this period of reinvention. We’re rethinking everything, because the world is different now, and we need to build ourselves back better and stronger for the future. 

"Connecting Rooms" is our vehicle to dive into the topics most important to us at this moment. What are we taking with us into this next decade, and what can we leave behind? Our host, Sircle Collection's Laura Nolte, connects with our expert friends in the realms of art, design, sustainability, architecture, HR, diversity & inclusion, business and more to find out. From our shared learnings, we can all level up together. There's plenty of insight that those outside of the hospitality industry will find inspiring.

The First Episode: "Embracing the Future of Travel" with Liran Wizman

Our first guest is Liran Wizman, Founder & Owner of Sircle Collection. This month marks our 10th anniversary, and in this past decade, we grew from one hotel to 13 hotels, 26 bars and restaurants, a private members’ club, a luxury store and more. It took thousands of creative minds to accomplish all this, one very key figure being Sircle Collection’s ringleader. Despite world events, the award-winning hotelier is always charging into the future without fear. In the first episode of "Connecting Rooms", we have a very inspiring conversation with Liran about all the amazing things coming for the travel industry and how he always embraces the future with open arms. He reveals new projects coming soon, how the industry is falling behind others and what we can do about it, key trends to look out for, where he gets his inspiration from, what the industry will look like in 10 years and so much more. Read more about Liran here.

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