Employer branding and recruitment expert Emily Firth shares how we need to change the recruitment game entirely.

Dec. 9, 2021

Changing the Recruitment Game with Emily Firth

You’re in for a treat. For the second episode of Connecting Rooms, the very inspiring employer branding and recruitment expert Emily Firth sits down with us to talk about why it’s so hard for hospitality companies to hire talent right now and how we need to change the game entirely. It’s full of inspiration whether or not you’re in travel or hospitality.

Emily is an independent Employer Brand Consultant based in Amsterdam, founder of Global EB consultancy 'thetruthworks' and the former Head of Employer Branding at Booking.com (Winner of Best Employer Brand on LinkedIn 10K+ employees). Prior to that she spent over a decade in brand marketing as a strategic Business Director helping to transform top global brands like Dove and Absolut vodka. Emily is a proud working mother and a vocal advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, in the world as well as the workplace. She enjoys speaking and writing on topics she feels passionate about in the areas of employer branding, DEI and employment culture.

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