Isabelle is our Dutch ray of sunshine on our marketing team, and she works out of our headquarters in Amsterdam. She's been with us since 2016 and has seen so much growth for both herself and the company in that time. Get an inside look at Isabelle's day-to-day with her Inner Sircle interview.

Why do you love your job?

I love the diversity and creativity of the projects I work on and the environments I work within. With every project I work on, I work with people who share the same passion and energy to make sure it’s something refreshing and considerate of the different local communities in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Düsseldorf and Ibiza.

What’s been your favorite Sircle Collection project so far?

My favorite Sircle Collection projects so far are the rebrand of Park Hotel to Park Centraal and the opening of Vienna's Max Brown 7th District and Seven North.

“I could have never ever thought that the growth within these four years would be so ambitious and impactful.”

— Isabelle

Pick one of our company values (ambitious, surprising, heartfelt service and creative) and tell us a quick story about our company that comes to mind.

Ambitious: when I started in the company almost four years ago, we had five hotels. I could have never ever thought that the growth of the new properties and projects including my own personal growth within these four years would be so ambitious and impactful.

Pick a photo of you at work that’s special to you and tell us about it.


Seven North

The opening party

This photo was taken at one of the opening nights at Seven North in Vienna. It was a special night with very special people. A memory that will last forever.


What’s an important lesson you’ve learned through your experiences with Sircle Collection?

The magic is in the details.

First to dance or last to dance?

First to dance!

First to leave or last to go?

Last to go!