They also know that originality, personality and a good sense of humor are key to getting us through hospitality’s inevitable highs and lows. Sometimes a stiff drink helps too. Chunxiao and Hanien are proof that there’s more to Finance than just crunching numbers – it’s also about having fun.


Get To Know Chunxiao and Hanien

Astrological signs

Chunxiao is an Aries, Hanien a Libra.

Best way to start a conversation

Invite Hanien out for a drink after work. Even better if that drink is a virgin mojito – preferably served on Egypt’s Agiba beach.

Take Chunxiao to a hotpot dinner (especially during the Dutch winters), followed by a trip to the atrium where she feels most at peace amongst the plants and flowers.


Biggest misconception about finance

“That we are boring and only focused on numbers. So not true. We are so much more than that. I wouldn't be here if that was the case.” –Hanien

“That you have to be good at math. Being good in finance is about being a good problem solver. And that we only check receipts and invoices.” –Chunxiao

What Sircle Collection property would you be and why?

Chunxiao is Sir Adam all the way. Why? “Because I’m young and dynamic.”

Hanien is more of a Sir-Albert-kinda-gal. How so? “Because I’m all business but also know how to have some fun.”

Ready to join Chunxiao and Hanien on our Finance team?