With each of our hospitality projects, whether already existing or coming soon, we strive to only positively contribute to our surrounding environments and neighborhoods.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Energy

    Installing products in our spaces that use less energy and contain no toxic elements.

  • Waste

    Using eco-friendly products in our daily processes and avoiding single-use items like plastic packages.

  • Water

    Together with the help of our guests, we save 7.5 liters of water per room by not replacing linens and towels on a daily basis.

  • Procurement

    We greatly reduce our carbon footprint by combining our deliveries from local suppliers and subsequently lowering the amount of transportation needed.


Our Plans

What we currently do:

  • Use efficient shading systems in guest rooms to reduce heating/air conditioning
  • Separate our waste
  • Digitalize practices and communication to reduce paper waste
  • Use eco-friendly paper
  • Do not provide plastic bags
  • Save large amounts of water by not replacing linen and towels on a daily basis
  • Sir Hotels' Sir Cares charity initiative that gives back to our local communities
  • Partnership between Too Good to Go and Max Brown Hotels to reduce food waste
  • Use grey water system
  • Serve tap water
  • Avoid use of fossil fuel
  • Do not use disposable utensils
  • Use Zenology products in our guest rooms and public spaces
  • Yearly team trainings on green activities and initiatives
  • Use the eco-friendly/COVID-19-proof cleaning product Tersano at our Dutch hotels
  • Work with local suppliers whenever possible

What we plan to do:

  • Not use single-use items (plastic)
  • Combine our deliveries from local suppliers
  • Use LED lighting at most properties
  • Use rainwater where appropriate
  • Make use of alternative energy supply
  • Use our water efficiently
  • Use recycled materials and objects in our interiors
  • Use the eco-friendly/COVID-19-proof cleaning product Tersano at all of our spaces by the end of 2021, which will reduce our use of harmful chemicals by a remarkable 21% on daily basis

Our ambitious goals for 2025:

  1. No use of single-use plastic products/packaging
  2. Reduce our water intensity by 50%
  3. Use 75% LED lights in our spaces
  4. Be 90% energy efficient
  5. Reduce our carbon and plastic waste by 50%

Our current partners:

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Our plans are a work in progress as we navigate the difficult realities of sustainability within the hospitality industry. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please email us at greenteam@sirclecollection.com.