We repurposed Instagram to provide an innovative way for locals and visitors to experience the very best in food, culture and festivities. Check out each Sir Hotel's Instagram account and you'll see that it has been transformed into an easy-to-use city guide highlighting local favourites and hidden treasures: Sir Savigny’s guide to Berlin, Sir Nikolai’s Hamburg guide, Sir Joan’s Ibiza guide and two distinct Amsterdam guides for Sir Albert and Sir Adam

“This exciting project allows us to connect our guests to the city, community and culture on a platform that they are already familiar with. The city guides reflect the unique character of each hotel and its corresponding neighbourhood while compelling users to experience the cities as locals.”

— Liran Wizman

Using Instagram’s signature nine-square grid layout, customised graphics and colour coding, the accounts build on the already existing and familiar template. Optimising the Instagram interface, each hotel’s account uses the grid layout to split the recommendations into different categories in a design-savvy manner. Headings for each category, such as ‘Shops’ or ‘Feel Good Food,’ span across multiple squares effectively dividing the screen and making it visually appealing as well as user-friendly. Further to that, the social media app’s key features such as geolocation and tags are already integrated to create an easy way to for users to source additional information on each recommendation.

While you're clicking through the individual accounts, make sure you visit and follow our main account as well: @SirHotels.

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